Saturday, 14 April 2007

Book disaster...smoke eek

Hunted out a book from Bookmooch today but it arrived reeking of smoke. Now dear reader, please don't assume some fussy house proud here, this is being typed as my knees sink in discarded envelopes, apple cores, print run accidents, bills etc. I have had to scrape the window open to breath. And the book? Its rests in the open air awaiting its bath. This arises from the solutions offered via a book forum. These are so far as listed below.

One. Just fan the book open and leave it for a day or so. Preferably by an open window. The smell of smoke is a lot stronger than usual because it's been packaged up. A good airing out will help for a lot of it

Second. Find a small box or container that you can put the book in. Fanned open again. Then put an open box of Baking Soda in as well.Baking soda is the best for absorbing odours!

Third. For extreme measures. Get a product called Ozium and mist it around the book being careful to not spray the book directly. Ozium is a pretty good odour neutraliser. One of the best in my opinion.

Fourth. try is putting dryer sheets (e.g. bounce, downy, etc) in the book every twenty pages or so. i tried this with a book i got from bookmooch that reeked of smoke, and found it worked well!

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