Sunday, 6 May 2007

The book hunt of Sunday

Decided must be green, and positive about the world when gathering books for reading. Yes you guessed it, I am broke and yet need books (writhes around the floor, foaming at mouth etc). I have hit on a cunning plan which is to join my local Freecycle network. Once a member I get on average 150-200 emails day requesting and offering stuff. I have then set up a filter that only allows emails through that contain the word book. This appears to be about a more manageable 1-2 a day. Once seen I then leap to be the first person requesting it and once accepted the real fun begins. I can get lost in a car park so finding the place is a nightmare.

Today I went to the wrong house and confused a elderly couple, who thought I was some bailiff for a science fiction book club as they were a week behind in sending it back. Stumbling around, I eventually found the right house which was under the charge of a Über green family activist,(notes on door re using recycled bags, ex husbands stacked in rows, pictures of cars killed and buried, bests ways of cycling to London etc) for bags of goodies.

Of the 14 free books, 2 are on the way to the USA already, 2 have been swapped in the UK and 2 are for keeping. The rest top up my book swap stock. But then had a open and frank discussion with my wife around...when am I going to stop cluttering up the house with other peoples junk. And then, why don't I sell my bookcases and get some new flatter ones so the books could be stored around the house rather then making my study untidy.Books Junk!..don't think they allow for passions of crime in England...

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