Tuesday, 1 May 2007

So why no posts?

Fear not I have not been in the hell that is known as a dry reading spell(ouch).I am at the moment reading one of those books with casts of 1000's and all with names that are unpronounceable(to me). Such as Guillermo Forjador. So I am faced with three options: the first is to translate or use the initials(it's Will Smith or GF), the second is to list a characteristic that helps me to fix the character(the one with the limp) and the third is the anorak's choice. This is doing a post-note (coloured for each character) on a story arch with a phonetic outline of each name. The more clear sighted reader will of course know of a 4th option- throw the book aside and select one more easy to read(shame on you).

I was writing this thought while on the train when I had a pedantic moment;surely one is in
a train rather then on a train- see picture on right if in doubt. Anyway Wife is out getting blessed(don't ask) and so early to bed to read a couple of more chapters. It's a crack of dawn business trip to London tomorrow ;-(

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