Sunday, 3 June 2007

Does your library reflect your current views?

This was a question posed by Roger von Oech creativity thinker per excellence. This is my answer, what is yours?

Yes it does, reflect my world view, You would find a bookshelf of radical Theology, that reflects my Quakerism and a quest to make sense of why.

Next to it you would find shelves of books on all aspects of writing and all manner of sources and advise on Storytelling. Together, these reflect Mythos learning. This reflects my interests in words and engaging audiences with them.

Facing them both is a big bookcase, full of science, history, biology, social sciences etc that reflect Logos learning.

Yet bigger then two is my Fiction section that spans the genres and the centuries which for me unites the two streams so allowing and experience the soul of another and the world in ways not of my path.

Oh the professional literature? On the floor in various boxes based on the filing system "of at least its all in one place"

My world view? There is more then one answer and they may all be correct.

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