Sunday, 3 February 2008

Books, beds and email

Where to begin? Well I am in bed and so what you say? But my wife is next door in our bed as my half collapsed... nudge, nudge know what you mean.

Sadly nothing as exciting, the dog jumped up in the night and the wife rolled over. The combined weight was the final straw so I ended up with the lot on top of me on the floor at 4 in the morning.

This meant that as I am cursed with eyes open so now awake syndrome I had to get up to read(The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster since you ask).

Anyway its now nearly lunchtime and time to get up. But I should be up cleaning the house(some new fangled notion of the wife as she is now working full time so says I should be doing half the household chores...hmm what next the vote?)

Instead sneaked onto my emails and discovered that an Australian moochee had tipped me off that a much sought after book had been posted.

This in turn got me thinking about why can't I post to my blog via my phone.(what you mean you don't see the connection?) I can text and send pictures if the right mobilephone carrier but don't. So was checking if the UK had caught up which it largely hasn't. I had wanted to do a travel blog when in China when this blog on the go would work. (Yes I do think a picture showing this is me reading in bed, on train, in bath etc is a tad on the less exciting side of life!)

What I do want to do is while on a train and the laptop battery is down is to do a review or a creative writing piece for a post. And being able to do this from the phone would help.

However, I then discovered that I could(and always have?) email a post which is why I am in bed doing the very same.

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