Monday, 26 May 2008

The Pirates! in an adventure with Whaling by Gideon Defoe

The Pirates! in an adventure with Whaling(or with Ahab if American) draws it humour from slapstick, Monty Python, Carry on and Blackadder. Its not for children, as much of the humour relies on an adult appreciation of cliché and irony, though children may well enjoy it. This one is one long mickey take on Moby Dick.

When they are not belting out a lusty sea shanty or arguing about the best way to prepare ham, there's nothing pirates like more than a rousing adventure. And this is what the Pirate Captain, (the best leader in the Pirate world because of his beard and rugged good looks but not the sharpest cutlass in the armoury) and his shipful of variously named pirates--the scarf-wearing pirate, the pirate with an accordion, are going to get.

It also only 180ish pages long in a hand size paperback so its not going to be a heavy read. Highly recommended second of series and according to Aardman Animations website, author Gideon Defoe is working with producer/director Peter Lord on the screenplay and with writers Andy Riley and Kevin Cecil Hyperdrive (TV series) to turn the first two books from the series into a movie.

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