Monday, 28 July 2008

The Bardic Handbook by Kevan Manwaring

One to read if its performance tips you are after. As the author says

...I believe in the power of words to transform, heal and inspire. It is immensely satisfying to communicate what one believes in an eloquent and entertaining way. Taking an audience on a magical journey, creating an enchanting atmosphere, making sacred the air – this is the joy of being a Bard. I love helping people express themselves, hone their talent and shine. I wish there had been a book like this when I started out (it would have improved my learning curve dramatically!) but I think The Bardic Handbook will make the road easier for you. Allow me to share my 15 plus years of experience and expertise, so that you do not have to reinvent the wheel, hit dead-ends or learn the harder way.
To summarise: the overall aim of this book is to empower people to find and use their true voice for the good of all. Its objectives are to:

• offer initiation for the budding Bard
• provide a practical 12 month training programme
• teach the art of storytelling
• teach techniques of poetic inspiration, composition and performance
• develop the power of the memory
• widen understanding of Awen
• develop awareness of the Bardic Tradition
• explore what it means to be a Bard in the 21st Century
• provide resources, such as a reading list, contacts, etc.
• connect with the wider community
• encourage respect for diverse global traditions and cultures
• foster 'mythic literacy' and an understanding of mythic levels in modern life
• act as a catalyst for new Bardic circles and the re-establishing of Bardic Chairs

I have worked with the author and tasted an introduction to his vision and "project". This book helps you to have a clear basis for your storytelling as it did for me

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