Monday, 28 July 2008

The Seven Deadly Sins: Jewish, Christian and Classical Reflections on Human Psychology by Solomon Schimmel

This is a useful counter to narcissistic me personal transformation. " My marriage doesn't fulfil me" so my needs override that of my partner, family or children. Its gets you to think of duty and responsibilities rather then wants and desires.

I don't go with the conservative use that could be made of this.But when some people spend £1000's on the wedding only to feel let down afterwards enough to think about a divorce so they can plan for another wedding... Or young men can think its ok to risk creating life yet take no responsibility for the child...

I also don't buy that this means that women get trapped in a violent or stifling relationship for example. Both may need help to avoid repeating dysfunctional behaviour but if on balance its best for the individuals, children and families that the marriage ends then it ends. One size fits albeit a conservative or a liberal spin does not work. The situation calls for its own solution... but both wants, needs and duty has to be part of the reflection.

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