Thursday, 14 August 2008

Booking Through Thursday: Olympics

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  1. Short and straight to the point, eh? Happy BTT! :)

  2. John,

    Could you be a bit more specific?


  3. waves @ KAT don't think I was too indirect!

    waves @ Smilingsal... er assume that you are being post ironic! But if not, Soccer at school meant long cold wet muddy hours and walking home wet from a cold trickle of a shower. Summer meant cricket and frying the second any sun flickered through the clouds.

    Going to sport events as a kid at primary school was being forced to watch some 3rd rate national team while the girls went around London seeing the sights. Or being forced to watch it on TV by my uncles who got drunk and ripped books away from my hands so I would stand up to be a man.

    As an adult, it means turning up on a cold and dark November afternoon when I can't even see the other side of the field to let every bone in my body experience the cold of death watching my son play Rugby and having no idea why his team won.

    The only sports film I have seen was the field of dreams which is not really about sport- the book was unreadable( for me).

    The one good thing about sports is that it gives a badly needed excuse for American and North European men to talk and bond with each other. Me I am too busy with the Celtic and southern European men who like ideas, imagination and who love men's company without fearing it means they are gay.

  4. I agree with others. I think you are being too subtle about your opinions. (wink) to read your other posts.

  5. John:

    Even though I can't agree with your assessment, I appreciate your honest answer. Sometimes I feel like responding short and sweet too. BTW, love the graphic you had to go with your answer.


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