Sunday, 24 August 2008

Holiday from Hell and Books from Heaven

Edited and moved to Scribbles and Diversions with a recorded reading of the reflection at Audioboo


  1. Sounds like you had a great holiday! :) Can't understand why you would want to sell the tent! You don't fancy any more adventures?

  2. Thanks for pointing me to your PostCrossing story! Very nice!

  3. Sounds like quite a holiday! I'm curious to hear what you thought of the Willis. I quite liked it, although did not find it particularly hilarious. I like her work a lot in general, however.

  4. I am a member at Postcrossing! Every Saturday, I post the cards I received that week. It's lots of fun!

  5. John, your camping holiday post had me laughing out loud (not at your expense, now that you're home and dry and on your way to selling the camping equipment).

    This is why I AM NOT A CAMPER!

    Welcome home; enjoy your books

  6. Thanks for sharing your adventure on camping. I had a good laugh.

    At least you got some reading in along the way.

    Nice blog

  7. Great post! I loved reading your blog.

  8. sounds like some holiday - glad you're all still together - or are you??? AND you got some reading in, I am very impressed :)

  9. Surely you want to repeat this experience every year John? We haven't been camping for years.

  10. *lol*

    Loved this edition to the Salon. Had me laughing out loud. I too am sometimes a victim of all the meticulous planning. Glad you made it hope safe and I hope that you've all dried out.

    I'm also a member of Postcrossing...and post pics of the cards I get as they arrive. I love the surprise of getting real mail and postcards are so very pretty!

  11. Special Topics in Calamity Physics is wonderful! I challenged a friend to read it and he absolutely loved it as well. I just posted his review this week. Check out the website if you haven't already.

  12. I've never been camping and this just confirms to me that I shouldn't because I'm sure everything that could go wrong would! ha,ha...

    I'm so curious to hear your thoughts on To Say Nothing of the Dog!

  13. One look at your blog tells me you will really love Ackerman's A Natural History of the Senses.
    Get your hands on it! :)

  14. Waves @ everyone:

    loopyloo100- adventures featuring 5 star hotels in warm countries-yes... camping no!

    Karen- glad you enjoyed

    frumiousb-my first Willis which I hope to review this week. Wasn't impressed by either the story, writing or humour

    J. Kaye Oldner-yes had my first two cards and sent three. I am evolving into sending them a 50-word story and encouraging people to send me one.

    sheistoofondofbooks well quite right too! But I am going camping for a weekend with a friend in three weeks time(weather permitting) but in a camper van and pub meals so will see if this is more civilised way of spending time in wet and cold!

    Cheryl Thanks, go on holiday and not read, I think not!

    Yvonne Thanks!

    Seachanges Thanks, and the rumours about our marriage are greatly exaggerated as they say.

    Kerrie well trying an upgrade with a friend in a camper van but all manly walks and pub crawling so lets see

    Irish Thanks, and yes we may yet exchange cards!

    literatehousewife Yes just got past the section where Hannah's body has been discovered. Still trying to figure out the connections- I have various theories so hope to conclude this Friday.

    Iliana yes venture not into camping unless to a Eurocamp level of service in hot Mediterranean country! And not over keen on the Willis, will be doing a review later this week

    Mrs. B. Yes Marm, I have it on the wishlist as of 6 weeks ago, Marm. ps reading you bio would suspect that you and my wife would be soul-friends

  15. Seems like you had a great time despite the mishaps!


    Don't beat me up, please!

    And books are from heaven!

    Waking upto SS after a day of serial blasts in Delhi


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