Thursday, 19 April 2007


Finished What a Carve up! which was one fun read. Did this not because of being woken up by the dog, please that excuse is so last year. I had to sleep in the spare room last night(no, not because of the 1000 book suggestion) as needed an uninterrupted nights sleep. Why you ask? Can't say, say I... secret mission...

Now I have to choose another. (BOREDOM WARNING ALERT)This is not as simple of picking a book off the pile. I try and alternate between fiction and non-fiction. Then within fiction, I try to switch between classic and contemporary and within these streams switch between genres/moods... If this is boring you dear reader, bear with me as I get to the point...and then within non fiction switch between history, blah,blah, etc. (BOREDOM WARNING STOOD DOWN)

So today it has to be non-fiction. I am going for A whack on the side of the Head by Roger von Oech. It explores why we are often blocked to be imaginative and creative. These are

only one right answer
it has to be logical
follow the rules
play is frivolous
that's not my area
don't be foolish
avoid ambiguity
to err is wrong
I'm not creative

And as Rumi says Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love. so to my new book I turn.

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  1. see you in heaven?/hell/ maybe just in the creative paradime


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