Wednesday, 18 April 2007

To London and Back

Astute observers, and you dear reader must count yourself as one of those, will have noticed no post today. Hands up those who had a quick mental check of what had come through the letter box today. No one of course because I am blogging to astute readers as well. Anyway that irritant to the book dreamer, work, got in the way today. So I was off to London as the birds were coughing themselves awake. Couldn't even read on the train as had to do work. When was the last time that you sat on a train and stared out of the window to wonder at the glimpsed lives of those you pass?

We will take as given that the rant about being a slave of the 21st century capitalist economy has come and gone. Anyway, I had the fatal wait of 30 minutes at Paddington station. Fatal because I fall prey to a "lets have a quick look at what is at W.H.Smiths." Given that I know have 450+ books on my TO BE READ pile this is not recommended. But I was good, well some books were picked up and considered but they went back on the shelves.

Polishing the halo until read on Bookmooch that people can buy boxes of a 1000 books. Eyes watered, pulse raced, heart boomed...mostly at the thought of what the wife would do to the meat and two veg if I voiced the idea. Yet if a box arrived with letter saying these were left me by a well wisher...

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