Monday, 16 April 2007

A good day...a bad day

Last week suddenly hit on the idea of using the swaps from one to fed the other so that get the books I want. Did this and now swapping seven books with the USA in one day. This has now been converted into requests for these books.

Book title: The Wanderers
Book author: Richard Price

Book title: Stories in an Almost Classical Mode
Book author: Harold Brodkey

Book title: Blue Highways: A Journey into America
Book author: William Least Heat-Moon

Book title: Vurt
Book author: Jeff Noon

Book title: Atomised
Book author: Michel Houellebecq

Book title: Blood and guts in high school, plus two (Picador)
Book author: Kathy Acker

Book title: Tidewater Tales
Book author: J. Barth

Book title: Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (New Fiction)
Book author: Tom Robbins

Book title: How German Is It =

Book title: A Fan's Notes
Book author: Frederick Exley

Book title: Economics in Perspective: A Critical History
Book author: John Kenneth Galbraith
Book title: A Writer's Reality
Book author: Mario Vargas Llosa

Book title: The Manchurian Candidate
Book author: Richard Condon

Book title: The Lime Twig
Book author: John Hawkes

The bad news? Well apart from will he find the time to read them do I hear you mutter? No ordered two books that were on my Guardian All Time Top 100. But one was the wrong book. It should have been Confessions of Zeno and I got the further confessions of Zeno. This is not even a complete book but fragments printed for completists( Came across this last week I like this, it sounds like a real curse word but I think we would use the more descriptive Anoraks ) And the other? I tore the first 21 pages as i struggled to open the package. It was all curves like a wrapped boiled sweet with a perforated middle that rips... and it does.

Ah well back to work now. :-(

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