Sunday, 30 November 2008

The free spirit versus the stern editor

Edited and moved to Scribbles and Diversions with a recorded reading of the reflection at Audioboo


  1. Great post, John! I'm sure I'll refer back to this as I'm writing.

  2. This so ties in with discussions I'm currently having with a fellow blogger...Words have a habit of tumbling from my imagination when I write poetry, and 'form' can become secondary to the 'thought'. Trying to please others can often be a damper to creativity, but I do see the need for underlying structure, or writing can be mere waffle. I imagine it to be rather different for those who write stories or novels, which must need greater organisation if they are to be a pleasing whole.

  3. My Father told me way-back-when, " To write something every day- even if it was just a sentence-" Leave the critic out and just 'remark', 'respond', 'reflect'-whatever it took...
    So that has been my daily regime- and as you say
    the editor/ teacher comes after!


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