Saturday, 4 April 2009

So why no more posts?

I have been enduring the birth pangs of  creative writing since September 2008 through a University course so composing a lot of poems, fiction and life writing. And active in a writer circle. I continue to post Twitter size stories and poems on Random Twitter Stories  and 50 word stories with longer poems on Random Short Stories. So with this, and the course, not a lot of reading is possible at the moment. However, in keeping with the micro theme. I will from 2010 start doing 50 reviews and book inspired thoughts. Samples of this can be found on Random Reading Thoughts . This means that this blog is now mothballed unless needed for bigger book related thoughts. But I have also started, since August 2010, to turn some posts into spoken 'radio' casts on Audioboo and transfer a few edited posts to these blogs and to Scribbles and Diversions  my more literary writing blog. Others I removed to my hard drive or just deleted. Did you really want to know how many books I had catalogued in 2007 - pfft get a life!


  1. I would love to see your poems,
    let me know after you post new ones.


    two poetry awards,
    hot blog award,
    I know it is John, same poet...


Hi, welcome I appreciate the time and effort you are making to leave this comment and I will respond when I can